Group 1 - Country

Here are a few questions for you -
  • What holidays do you celebrate through the year?
  • What type of things do you do to celebrate holidays?
  • What customs do you have as a country?

We are a country made up of immigrants. We adopt many customs of these different cultures. But as a whole we have 4 major holidays through the year - Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
We usually celebrate with family and friend throughout the holiday time. On certain holidays we have parades through the year such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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because our country is a multi religious country. therefore, we celebrate lots of holidays mainly easter and christmas and eid el fiter and eid el adha. in addition to different other holidays like independence day.
in general , we go visiting our relatives, have family gathering family lunch.

Group 2 - Community

What are some of the holidays or breaks off of school do you celebrate?
What types of cultures are in your Community?
What types of foods do you usually eat?

Some of the holidays or breaks off of school that we have are holidays like Easter and Christmas. My community mostly consisted of christans and cathloics. We do also have other types of ethnicities. The types of foods that we have is a very big variety. We have Italian, Mexican, and so much more to choose from.
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Group 3 - Family

What happens in your daily family life? Are there any cultural influences that affect your daily life? Are there any aspects of your culture that you do not agree with?

My daily family life involves doing chores,sharing family meals together and chatting with one another. Sometimes we will go vacations or just spend time with one another. Some cultural influences that could affect daily life normally come from your religious occupation or ethnicity. Other influences that could affect daily life could be addictions or other negative influences. I personally do not have to deal with any negative influences in my life. The United States allows for a variety of cultures and peoples to come together and exist. There is not one specific way of thinking in the United States and there is a culture of acceptance and understanding.

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