Group 1
What type of education does your country provide or make optional? In the United States everyone is entitled to a free public education funded by the government. They also have the option to going to a private school or catholic school which you have to pay for. Any questions you can find me on my page.
Here is a website that explains the United States education programs.

In our country, there are certain schools that the grade range goes from 6-8th grade. After Middleschool, you go to highschool which range from grades 9th-12th. Then you have the option to go to college which you can stay there for a year, up to eight years depending on the degree you are persuing. Is it the same in your country? Any questions or comments, go to my page.

Group 2
In our community, we have different schools for the different grade levels. We have a school for grades 1-5, a different school for grades 6-8, and another school for grades 9-12. We also have school districts, that separate kids from different cities to schools that are close by. If you have questions you can ask on my ning page.
We also have different Curriculums that vary by state. In my community, in Ohio, students are required to take Ohio Graduation tests, or OGT's. There is also a movement to "nationalize" our country's education by keeping each state's curriculum the same.

Group 3
During a normal day for me and my peers, I wake up and attend school for about 7 hours. We are fortunate enough to have valuable resources in our classrooms such as laptops and a very large library. The average amount of kids per class is anywhere from 19-25 children per class. We have about a one week long break for every major holiday. Everyone of our teachers has a college degree in whatever they teach. Is school completely mandatory in your country? How many years do you attend school? How long is your school day? What are you currently learning about in your history class? With any questions please ask on my ning page NolanG-Mhs-1