Group 1 - Country

Group 2 - Community
Since Cleveland does not have complete control over their own laws because that is run by the Countries government they do have some role in the process of keeping law and order. The leader of a city in the United States is called a mayor. The name of our current mayor is Frank G. Jackson. The first mayor of our city was John W/ Willy. He was our mayor from 1836-1837. The main goal of a mayor in all citys over the country is to keep order and keep the people safe in each city around the United States. Question: What is the Government in your community like? If you need any help message me on my page MatthewH-mhs-1

Group 3 - Family

In America, everyone over the age of 18 has the right to vote. My family votes for members of public office in my community and also for the national government. The government creates law families have to follow but they do not dictate how they live their personal lives. BrandonJ-MHS