Group 1 - Country
1. When did Lebanon first become a country? America first became an official country on July 4, 1776. If you have any questions ask me on my wiki page at Brianna-mhs-1
2. How did Lebanon become a country? Here are some facts and information about America. History of the Americas.Visit my page for any questions at Andyj-mhs-1
3. Here is a good site with many important facts and dates. This timeline includes some wars and our presidents. -Andyj-mhs-1 American History Timeline
4. What are some things involved in your culture? Are there any different or special holidays that you have? What is it like in Lebanon? Here is a site that allows you to view facts and information about America by the decades(every 10 years). Andyj-mhs-1

Group 2 - Community

Originally inhabited by French fur traders, Ohio became a British colony following the French and Indian War. At the end of the American Revolution, Britain gained control of the territory in the newly formed United States, which included it into the Northwest Territory. Ohio became a state on March 1, 1803, but no formal declaration was made until 1953, when President Eisenhower officially signed the documents making it a state. Ohio is sometimes called the “Mother of Presidents,” having sent seven Ohioans to the White House. Ohio is also known as the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, (Which just happens to be where me live ) , the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati and National Football League Hall of Fame in Canton. Ohios capital is Colombus and we are nick named " The Buckeye State" .



Group 3 - Family

What are your families like in Lebanon? Is there a Lebanon family history? Are your modern day families different than the Lebanese families from the past century or longer?
You can check out some American family history here. You can look at the actual times in history in America where the American family was different than other times in history.
If you have any questions, message me on the Ning.
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The prominence of the Roosevelt family in American History is legendary.
- AlanK-MHS-1