Group 1 - Country
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what kind of weather do you get there? what kind of government do you have? We get all four seasons, winter, summer, spring and fall. We have a democracy.

Group 1 - Country
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This is a picture of our country, the green state that says Ohio is were we live today. Our country is Democratic is yours to? Do you guys celebrate holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, or Halloween? Where I live its normaly cold here, we get alot of snow, do you guys get snow in Lebanon? For schools in America we can buy lunch or pack what do you guys do? Also we can play sports for our school. Are you guys allowed to or are you not?

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Group 2 - Community
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What is your community like? Is it safe? Is it eco-friendly? What is the population of your city?
I feel safe in my community and it collects recycling every week. I like where I live and I feel comfortable in my city. The population of Middleburg Heights Ohio is 15,542.

Group 2 - Community
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how is your community, is it urban, or rural? are there big shopping plazas or small markets? our comunity is more urban, we have lots of shopping plazas and lots of resturants and such. is your comunity safe or is there alot of crime. our comunity doesnt really have much crime and is a safe city. how is your city?

Group 3 - Family
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On a normal everyday basis I will get up and go to school for about seven hours a day everyday. After school i get a ride home from my bus and then come home to my house. Almost everyday im either being with my friends, spending time with my family or doing a extracurricular activity after school. So i would like to know what happens in your house everyday? Whats family life like in lebanon and what type of sports to you play, if any? If you have any questions about any of this we can have a conversation.

Group 3 - Family
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My family and I spend a fair amount of time together. My family runs a business which we work at together almost every day, so we spend a lot of time together. But we do spend time away from each other. My sisters and myself go to school, while my parents work and run errands. Sportswise, me and my younger sister both do gymnastics together. What are some popular sports in Lebanon? A few common sports in Ohio include football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. Do you do anything with your family to spend time together? What's your family like on a daily basis? I'd love to hear about your family life, we can discuss it on the Ning.