1. Students should log onto the Student-2-Student Project wiki and click on the TEAM GRID tab located on the left side navigation bar to find team members.


2.Students should then reach out to their team members on the ning and friend the members in their group. A relationship should begin to develop here as they will be working together throughout the project. Student team members are those students that share the same cell on the team grid.

3. On the team grid there is a topic (on the left) and a group (along the top). Go to the topic on the navigation bar and click on the topic.


4. The topic page will contain the three groups listed on the grid for that topic. This is where you will be sharing, asking each other questions, collaborating and editing the wiki.


5. Students should communicate with each other on the wiki through the discussion tab.


6. They should find their topic and group and add to the thread that is ready there. This is where they will discuss what they have added, changed or deleted with their teammates. THEY SHOULD NOT ADD A NEW THREAD.