Group 1 - Country
Of course technology is a part of our every day life, people can't live without their laptops cell phones, Ipods, Ipads .
The technology in lebanon evolves the same way it is evolving all around the world.

What type of technology does your country use? How did technology evolve in Lebanon? Do people around your country use technology in their everyday lifestyle? In the United States the Internet, cell phones, and music players are just apart of our day. It is uncommon to not to operate though the day without these items. Over in Lebanon do you guys have cell phones, Internet, Ipods, and television. If so how often do you use these item everyday? In the U.S. technology is evolving and changing everyday. It feels like a new product comes out every other week. Please respond soon! I am eager to hear your responses and learn more about your beautiful country! MichelleL-MHS

Group 2 - Community
What kind of technology is available in your community? How often does your community use technology? Do you have internet cafe's? What type of technology is in your schools? When it comes to new technology that is released in your community, what is it like? Is it faster or bigger screens? Are there any restrictions you have online such as blocked websites? Were we are from, in our schools there are a lot of websites blocked such as games and video watching sites. In our community we have internet cafes and wireless hot spots where you can access the internet with your laptop or mobile device. At our schools we have desktop and laptop computers in almost every room. Our new technology involves faster connection, better resolution, and also thinner. In our community technology is used constantly every day, whether its watching T.V., calling your friends, doing homework on the computer, or communicating with friends on a social networking site. It would probably be very difficult for people in our community to go without technology. We'd like to hear from you soon. JacobM-MHS and BrandonP-mhs.

Group 3 - Family
I am very intrigued to start to learn about your culture and specifically technology. Do you guys have cell phones? Laptops? Ipods? The everyday teenager over at my school usually have two to three of those items. I was wondering if your family has any of these specific items. How has technology evolved over the past ten years, or so? My family has laptops, Ipods, Smart phones, etc. Our everyday life in school consists of using miniature laptops everyday for easy access to the internet.
Do you have a cell phone of that sort? My smart phone basically has all internet functions and I can access the internet on the go. My family also has a 50 inch television that we can watch shows from around the world. Do you guys have a television. Please reply soon!